We Put Real-World Items
on the Blockchain

How does it work?


Stick It On

Put your rNFT-Tag on your item, that you want to put on the blockchain. Once if placed you cannot remove it anymore as it is tamper proof.


Connect It

Mint your item on a popular blockchain such as Ethereum using our Minting-Page.


Trade It

Trade your item on popular marketplaces such as opensea, looksrare etc. Your buyer can see the history of which addresses owned the item before him on the items minting page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Buying an rNFT-Tag is extremely cheap. Checkout our shop page.

Our contracts and software are tested on a weekly basis. The physical tag is water, heat resistant and tamper proof. Both pieces are regularly validated and checked by security experts.

Please scan the physical item and confirm that you own it. After finishing with this process the NFT should be active in your wallet again.