Former Auctioneer Breaks silence

"The $65,1 Billion
Shadow Market"

Most NFTs are worthless.

Coinbase Cofounder warned in 2021 that 90% of NFTs will be worthless in 3 to 5 Years.

In an interview on Bloomberg TV, Coinbase cofounder Fred Ehrsam drew parallels between the rise of cryptocurrencies and the dotcom boom of the 1990s.

I go so far as to say that 90% of NFTs produced, they probably will have little to no value in three to five years,” Ehrsam said. “You could say the same thing about early internet companies in the late ’90s.

Most NFTs have NO intrinsic value

NFTs are not intrinsically valuable.

They’re valuable in relation to the value they provide for holders.

And the opportunity to purchase overpriced sweatshirts and hang out in Austin bars with random internet strangers is not a scalable value accrual mechanism.

It’s a marketing tactic.

If NFT projects aren’t intrinsically valuable, why are some worth billions of dollars?

Few NFT projects will be successful, most will die.

Selling *.jpeg-files on the internet misses the real potential of NFTs.

Do Not Buy Any Other NFTs
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Collectibles are an integral part of wealth



The philatelic market ("philately" being the collection and study of stamps) increased by over 13% annually since 1991.

Rare Coins

Numismatics, as it's termed, refers to the collection and study of currency — specifically, specie that's no longer in circulation. The value of any given coin often has very little to do with the amount originally stamped on its face. The Flowing Hair Silver Dollar, for example, was minted in 1794, and by September 2020, was valued at over $10 million.


On the cusp of the 2020s, the market is currently valued at $62.5 billion and is forecasted to reach $97.8 billion by 2024.
Collectors are partial to brands like Nike, Air Jordans, Yeezys, and Adidas, with limited-edition drops proving especially popular. And valuable: the Nike SB What the Dunk originally cost $120, and is now worth a whopping $5,000.

The Auction Sector grew by 47%.

$ 26.3b in auction sales

After a challenging year in 2020, the auction sector rebounded strongly in 2021, with high demand and strong sales both online and offline

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NFTs are a new category

Christie’s NFT sales totaled $150 million, including the landmark sale of Beeple’s Everydays: The First 5000 Days (2021) for $69.3 million. Sotheby’s NFT sales reached $80 million.

The Solution

Buy Ownership in Assets that
Have Intrinsic Value

Coindation is an auction house for real assets with intrinsic value.

If you buy an asset on coindation you receive an NFT.

Your Ownership is proofen using an NFTs.

Besides the proof we also deliver additional documents such as the Certificate of Authenticity and a list of former owners.

Buying assets in our auctions gives you 2 options:


Trade it 🏦

Leave it in our high-security vault and trade the ownership right on opensea.


Receive it home ✉️

You as the owner have the NFT that proofs ownership. If you request it, we send it home to you asap.

NFTs proof ownership of assets.
Collectible assets have proofen value.

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